50K Course Description


The 50K course gives everything Strouds Run and Athens has to offer in one go-around!  Runners in the 50K will start with the 25K runners at the beach parking lot and run the same course with them for the first half.  Before splitting off from the 25K runners, everyone will make an initial loop on the Thunderbunny and Hollow Point Trails and then run the entire Sundown Trail to the end of Dow Lake.  After grabbing aid at the Dow Lake Dam Aid Station, you'll return on the opposite side of the lake via the Hickory Trail.  The split-off for the 50K and 25K runners is at the Gillette Junction Aid station around mile 16.5.  Do Not go the wrong way here, or you will be head back to the finish too early!  Once you split off you will head up the Finger Rock Trail and then head left down the Athens Trail to Hope Drive.  This is the only out-and-back section of the entire course, and also the steepest, most challenging hill climb of the day!  Once returning from the 1.3 mile out-and-back stretch, you'll continue on the Athens Trail and then drop down to the Rock House Trail via White Oak Trail.  After turning right on the Rock House Trail, you'll make a quick turn to go into the Turtlehead Cave, punch your bib, and resume your run on Rockhouse Trail.  Soon you'll be overlooking the city of Athens on your left until you reach the Sells Park Aid Station at mile 25.  From here you'll go up and over the Athens Ridge and return to Strouds Run on the Trace Trail before finishing your day with another trip on the namesake Thunderbunny Trail.  You'll experience steep long hills, flatter winding trails, and some of the best scenery in Athens County!  Enter the 50K for variety and a challenge and come out knowing you gave it your all! 

Course Map (click below to activate interactive map)   
50K Terrain Overview
  • 3720 feet of elevation gain

  • 29 miles of singletrack trail

  • 1 mile of gravel road

  • 1 mile of pavement


50K Aid Station Chart
*Cutoff Details

Please note that the cutoff times are when aid stations will pull you from the course, or, "cut you off" from the course, and is slower than 9 hour pace. We give you some wiggle room early in the race with regard to the cutoff pace in case you run the second half of the race faster. Please respect the organizers decision of cutoff times and understand these times when entering Thunderbunny. If you arrive at an aid station after the cutoff times you will be told to stop the race, and will be transported back to the finish line.