25K Course Description


The 25K course is so awesome that you'll get treated to 3K of free running, as the course comes out to 28K in total!  We believe in a great course, not comprimising that just to get a certain distance.  The 25K mark will be clearly marked so you can see your time.  Runners in the 25K will start along with the 50K runners at the beach parking lot and run the same course with them before turning off to complete the final mile.  The split-off for the 25K and 50K runners is at the Gillette Junction Aid station around mile 16.5.  Do Not go the wrong way here, or you will be running the 50K!  This course features all the great trails of the 50K but just half the distance!  You will start off and run a mile before entering the namesake Thunderbunny Trail and be on the rolling singletrack trails of Hollow Point and Sundown for next 12 miles until you reach the Dow Lake Dam.  After grabbing some fuel at the aid station, you'll complete the loop around the lake by running the more flat Hickory Trail before reaching Gillette Junction where you'll split off to go to the finish line.  All in all this mostly singletrack course has a manageable 1755 feet of elevation gain, good for the first time trail runner and veteran alike!     

Course Map (click below to activate interactive map)   
25K Terrain Overview
  • 1750 feet of elevation gain

  • 17.5 miles of singletrack trail

  • .5 mile of pavement/gravel surface

25K Aid Station Chart
*Cutoff Details

​The 25K cutoff times will coincide with the 50K course cutoff times. Please note that the cutoff times are when aid stations will pull you from the course, or, "cut you off" from the course, and is slower than 9 hour pace. We give you some wiggle room early in the race with regard to the cutoff pace in case you run the second half of the race faster. Please respect the organizers decision of cutoff times and understand these times when entering Thunderbunny. If you arrive at an aid station after the cutoff times you will be told to stop the race, and will be transported back to the finish line.


At this time we've halted registration for the Thunderbunny Trail Races. We have presented a "COVID-19 Race Plan" to the Athens County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the permitting agency that we must receive approval from, in hopes that the Thunderbunny Trail Races will be approved. This plan implements event procedures and policies that we hope will gain the approval of our permitting agencies in order for us to have the event. Earlier, ODNR announced that they revoked all events in ODNR operated properties (such as state parks) through July 15. There is uncertainty about the future of that process within ODNR, but we have reached out and presented our plan to them; we think it's best to halt registration until a more clear answer is given with permitting. If you are currently registered, please know that we have worked and will work on doing what is necessary for Thunderbunny to take place. Thanks for your patience, we will update everyone as soon as more information is available.

Thank you,

Race Directors

Michael Owen

Jonathan Bernard

Hosted by Southeastern Ohio Trail Runners

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