12K Course Description


The perfect distance for the beginner trail runner or hiker.  You'll start on the 12K course an hour after the 25K and 50K runners start and run the same first 7.5 miles as them!  You'll get to see the entire Thunderbunny Trail as well as the entire Hollow Point Trail before coming back to the beach parking lot for the finishing stretch!  You may not get to see the entire trail system of Strouds Run like the 50K runners, but let's not kid anyone, those folks are nuts for running 31 miles!  Instead you'll enjoy a more peaceful morning and be on sweet singletrack trail for the entire course!  You really cannot beat these trails!    

Course Map (click below to activate interactive map)   
12K Terrain Overview
  • 1099 feet of elevation gain

  • 7 miles of singletrack trail

  • .5 mile of pavement/gravel surface


12K Aid Stations

1. Hollow Point Entrance:     4.00 miles  (water only)

2. Finish:                            7.45 miles


Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus the Thunderbunny Trail Races

have been Postponed to August 28-29, 2020. Entrants have been sent this email with their options.

Race Directors

Michael Owen

Jonathan Bernard

Hosted by Southeastern Ohio Trail Runners

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